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Washington State Snowmobile Association

Upcoming Events

WSSA Summer Campout & Meeting
Date:  August 18th-20th  
Location: Blu-Shastin RV Resort

Join us for a weekend of camping! Meals available Friday night, all day Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Meeting at 9am on Saturday. Family friendly park with pool and other fun for kids!

Date:  October 20th & 21st   
Location: Puyallup Fairgrounds

The kick-off to snowmobile season in the PNW! Visit for details!

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WSSA SNOWMOBILE & POWER SPORTS EXPO & SWAP MEET CANCELED (Aug '23) - WSSA is sad to announce we have decided to cancel the 2023 Washington State Snowmobile and Power Sports Expo and Swap Meet scheduled for October 20th and 21st at the fairgrounds in Puyallup.
    It was a difficult decision by the board, but we don’t believe we can hold a quality event for our members and local area snowmobilers due to a lack of participation by the snowmobile manufacturers and several of our longtime exhibitors.
    WSSA extends a heartfelt thanks to ALL the volunteers who have donated countless hours putting on this event over a 30 year period.  WSSA thanks all of our past exhibitors, and of course, all of you, for supporting our show for the last three decades. 

JULY SNOFLYER (Jul '23) - Click here for the July Snoflyer.        
SNOW NORTHWEST - THE LATEST VERSION OF WASHINGTON HOMETOWNS SNOWMOBILE TRAIL APP - AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID & IPHONE! (Jan '22) - Washington Hometown has just released Snow NorthWest, a huge expansion of our winter recreation web maps and apps for Apple and Android. Snow NorthWest covers a larger geographic area (the whole Pacific Northwest) and has more types of activities including snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and snow-play areas, and businesses.
    More areas can be downloaded for offline navigation. There are now 19 downloadable regions covering all types of snow recreation. Download one or more regions before you hit the trail and enjoy peace of mind. No more worries about cell towers or smartphone connections on the trail.
    New colors and styles make it easier to find the right trail for you. Winter trails now have a black halo so they stand out better. Snowmobile trails are orange so they cannot be confused with closed areas and trails. Ungroomed trails use the same colors with hash marks. Recreation land is coded to help you understand the rules; green (snowmobiles allowed off-trail or use unknown), light yellow (snowmobiles must stay on roads or trails), dark yellow (snowmobiles must stay on groomed trails), light red (non-motorized area), and deep red (the area is closed to all uses including fire closures.
    Be sure to check out the other recreation map and app offerings from Washington Hometown by clicking here.  
(Nov '21) -   Step one was creating a path for the tracked ATV/UTV community to legally use our groomed trails.  Step two is helping educate them on what they need to do to be legal and how to better interact with their fellow snowmobilers.  WSSA has created a one-page sheet with pertinent information.  We'd like to see these posted in sno-parks, warming huts, at dealers, and anywhere else you think they might be useful.  In time we hope to have laminated copies available, but for now, we encourage you to download the PDF and print as many as you need.  Click here for the 'Got Tracks' info sheet.     

IS YOUR SNOWMOBILE CLUB THRIVING? (Dec '17) - At the November WSSA Leadership Meeting, Jon Ferrian, WSSA's Safety Chair/NWAC Board member/member of multiple clubs, presented a PowerPoint presentation on building and maintaining a thriving club.  Check it out and see if there are ideas in it for you.  (Do you have something to add? If so, let us know!)  Click here for the presentation.

OSV DESIGNATIONS ON NATIONAL FORESTS (Dec '17) - It's coming!  The Forest Service has been directed to complete travel plans for over-snow vehicles (OSV).  This process will require diligence on the part of snowmobilers to ensure we don't lose any important trails or riding areas.  While it hasn't started in ernest here in WA, it has in CA.  Check out this letter sent to the Lassen National Forest by the BlueRibbon Coalition.  Issues pertaining to the Pacific Crest Trail are relevant here.  Read the letter here.


 (Jun '14) - The Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center is provided by the American Council of Snowmobile Associations in fulfillment of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to support snowmobile safety and access training and product development.  Your one stop shop; click here to visit!

WSSA IS ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER (Jan '10) - Search "Washington State Snowmobile Association" on Facebook and become a fan!  We are "" on Instagram.   Check us on Twiter too at "wssaus". 

Grooming Reports from WA State Parks
ISMA (International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association)

Blue Ribbon Coalition